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Peter Wiegman | And his Family
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Peter Wiegman is the owner of Wiegman Concrete; he grew up in the Pocatello area and he knows Idaho’s fierce conditions. Peter has been in the concrete business for many years. Peters’ knowledge of concrete and Idaho’s conditions is what drives his business and insures customer satisfaction.

Reinforced Rebar

Wiegman Concrete uses a 3×3-4×4 lay-out grid of rebar on every project as a standard procedure…unless customer requests different. This provides a solid structure that will withstand settling and the strong elements of Idaho’s unpredictable weather. As part of standard company procedure, every project in addition receives an oil based cure and seal enamel application protecting the top surface from the effects of a colder climate, chemicals, and even wear.

steps with rebarNotice: Sub-grade settled after a flood…Rebar reinforced steps (over 3000 lbs) did not settle….Hallelujah for rebar! 🙂


5000 PSI Concrete

Wiegman Concrete uses a higher concentrate concrete specified at 5000psi and higher. This is standard company procedure unless customer requests different. However, the market set for contractors uses only a 2500 psi mix. We are double the strength then the normal market. We do this to help increase your odds of avoiding surface deteriation, excessive cracking, and ultimate failure that will occur in as less then a few short months after installation.

There are only two types of concrete: “New Concrete, and Cracked Concrete”. Anyone tells you different, knows nothing of this business. However, Cracks Can Be Controlled. We machine cut breaking joints on all projects. We make these joints no larger then 8’x8’. Market standard is 10’x10’, some 12’, and the worst don’t do any. By making these joint sections smaller, the odds of a crack breaking strait is better.

Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Wiegman Concrete uses Fiber reinforced concrete on every project. Fiber reinforced concrete (FRC) is concrete containing fibrous material which increases its structural integrity. It contains short discrete fibers that are uniformly distributed and randomly oriented. Fibers include steel fibers, glass fibers, synthetic fibers and natural fibers. Within these different fibers that character of fibre reinforced concrete changes with varying concretes, fiber materials, geometries, distribution, orientation and densities.completed, we are confident Wiegman Concrete can give you the best quality job at a fair price.